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KnowQuest is the world’s first and only academic feedback platform. We give professors and students a platform to quickly and anonymously rate their textbooks, classes, school, and educational resources. We bridge the gap between professors, students, resource creators, and publishers.

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Why Academic Feedback?

Trust, that’s why. Trust is the lubricant that makes society function smoothly. Trust goes both ways, and everybody’s voice needs to be heard. We are here to give students and professors that voice, and in doing so, help everyone improve textbooks, resources, OER, and other materials, while saving time and money.

Why Rate a Textbook?

Rating textbooks anonymously has several benefits:

  • - Professors have more robust data to find and choose the best textbooks
  • - Professors save time and energy in researching textbooks
  • - Students can find alternative, more affordable options
  • - Students can finally have their voices heard
  • - Content Creators will have the most robust, detailed and accurate mix of feedback
  • - Content Creators can use feedback to improve their textbooks and resources
  • - Schools can ensure that the highest rated books are being utilized
  • - Schools can improve their value to students
Why Rate My Resources, Classes and School?

Your feedback is your way of expressing your thoughts and feelings. Your feedback helps schools, professors and content creators to make real changes that improve your educational experience and outcomes. Only students rate classes and schools, making this the first ever student-driven feedback platform for classes and schools!

How is This Feedback Platform Different from Amazon or Google?
  • - All ratings are anonymous and aggregated.
  • - We do not collect names, addresses, or require user IDs.
  • - Your feedback on classes do not include class codes, just subject and level. Ensuring privacy and security.
  • - The platform is based on the C.A.S.H. model of feedback systems
    • Credibility – users must pass a credibility check before rating. In this case it is your school email.
    • Anonymity – user ratings are Never associated with emails or user IDs, and only aggregated data is shared.
    • Security – we do NOT collect names, addresses, or other personal information beyond your email which is required for sign-up and credibility. We do NOT sell personal information, and do NOT give out your email!
    • Homogeneity – ratings questions need to be comparable! Most rating platforms have just one question “overall ratings, 1-5 stars”. KnowQuest’s platform is more robust and comparable because it has several comparable questions which are directly linked to context.